Come together to reclaim the waterfront for all.


After years with its back to the water, Boston now enjoys the rebirth of a cleaner and healthier Harbor. As residents and visitors rediscover it, those same voices—people of all races and backgrounds—belong at the table to decide what the future of the waterfront looks like.

We envision a waterfront where family recreation spaces and neighborhood businesses thrive. Where public and private investment come together for the long-term health of the city. A space we all can enjoy, benefit from, and feel welcome in.

Otherwise, we risk a waterfront without life or character—or worse, one that is enjoyed only by a privileged few. Opportunity is quickly disappearing. Without working together towards a shared, long-term vision, development will continue to cut off entire sections of the waterfront from the communities that surround them, and the city will be left even more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Barriers to waterfront access—from chain link fences to lack of transportation—present an unwelcoming and dangerous trend that puts at risk the life and soul of the Harbor.

But we can come together to reclaim the waterfront, connecting its history to its future and respecting the need for development of all kinds that welcomes people of all kinds. A public, accessible, welcoming waterfront can be a foundation of opportunity for our city. A waterfront that belongs to all of us should benefit all of us. It starts with us.


Working toward a public, accessible, and welcoming waterfront that benefits us all.